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Make that Logo Bigger?

“Can you make our logo bigger?” This question is one that marketing firms and creative groups are asked to do very consistently. There was one advertising firm that actually considered launching an ad campaign for their firm using the tagline, “Making Logos Bigger for Over 25 Years.” Though marketing professionals joke about this request, there is a good reason why marketing and creative firms feel that logos should not be the most prominent graphical element on any marketing piece.

The request by clients to make their logo bigger is for the most part innocent and naive. Many business owners feel that their logo is the only way their audience is able to identify who the originator their ads, websites, direct marketing piece, or products. The need to make a logo bigger is also a sense of pride among businesses and brand owners, especially small business owners. Similar to raising a flag or holding up signs at your favorite team's sporting event, some people feel that by their logo being more prominent will encourage potential customers from selecting their product or service over someone else's.

First, let me begin by saying a logo is an essential element of a company's branding strategy. Logos are a graphical and/or typographical representation of a company. A common misconception is that people think their logo is their brand. This is not true; instead, it helps people recognize your brand. When creating marketing materials, your logo should be a tasteful addition to your marketing tool, almost as a signature to a letter, rather than the main message itself.

What size should you make your logo? There are no specific guidelines or written rules to follow when designing your marketing tools. Using common sense is probably the best advice I can give you when developing your creative. Your logo should be readable from the most commonly viewed distance for that particular medium. For example, your logo should be proportionally larger than in a print ad. Overall, the bottom line is that your logo doesn't overpower your message.

So in the future, take a critical look on how your logo is being used. Make sure that your logo tastefully contributes to your marketing objective instead of being your marketing message.

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